Because of our commitment to utilize proven, industry-standard development tools, Ordermation can link to most major business software systems.

It can receive information from distributor software, such as Comsense or Avaware, interface with enterprise software, such as Peoplesoft, Oracle, Friedman, etc.

And with the Ordermation System, communication can go both ways. For MRP and ERP systems, Ordermation can evaluate an order and automatically create a demand for inventory or purchasing. It can be configured to automatically adjust inventory levels, and can respond to web-based requests for submittal drawings, assembly or individual component drawings, BOMs, etc.


CAD/CAM Database

Our system comes pre-configured with your engineering and manufacturing preferences, so a single input is required to achieve any/all of the functions shown above.

We have been communicating with shop floor machinery for almost 30 years.  Machine-specific program files will automatically address the features and limitations of your equipment, and parts will run with the highest degree of efficiency.

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