What does the system cover?

Through years of working closelyTake-offs, estimates, specs, submittals, shop method sheets, NC programs, bar codes, wood door POs and milling sheets, and much more.

The system integrates with other DRI modules including estimating and web based order entry.  The system also links with software manufactured by others, both front end systems such as hardware schedule creation software, as well as  business management software from accounting to complete ERP systems.

Hierarchical specifications can be used to automate a significant portion of data entry. Specifications can be defined at a variety of levels, including the manufacturing plant or product line, the customer, the job, and the schedule sheet. The specification that is closest to the data entry has precedence.

For Hollow Metal, in addition to industry standard door and frame assembly ‘travellers’, the system creates reports designed to optimize the processing of a release through every operation in the shop, including shearing, punching, and forming.

The system tracks the status of every opening and architectural mark number. Reports can indicate whether an opening is on hold pending incomplete information from the architect. Even progress through the stages of fabrication and assembly can be monitored.

The system can be configured to detect and report on a wide variety of problem situations. It is even possible to configure the system to automatically resolve detected inconsistencies.

We are positioned to assist our customers on an ongoing basis over the long term in every aspect of their information systems and technologies.  We are convinced that these will become increasingly vital resources for our customers’ success.

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