In this project, Digital Resources provided automatic drawing and NC program generation from a simple Order-Entry screen. This project covered an entire product line which included many patterns and variations and was punched on multiple machines and/or cut with a waterjet.

The user fills-in the following fields:

  • Pattern type and variation = Poseidon - size = 1.5
  • Grille size - horizontal = 10.50
  • Grille size - vertical = 7.75
  • Minimum left border = .75
  • Minimum right border = .75
  • Minimum top border = .75
  • Minimum bottom border = .75

The DRI custom parametric system automatically generates the CAD drawing shown here.

In generating the CAD drawing and the NC program, some issues which had to be addressed included:

  • Automatic calculation of the maximum ‘active’ area of the grille ( X & Y grille dimensions minus the borders).
  • The number of complete patterns (including the “close-off” portions) that could be placed in the ‘active’ area.
  • The dimensions and geometric relationships of the punches in each pattern, and the correct placement and rotation angle of those punches.

Once these calculations were made, a script was automatically written, the CAD program was automatically opened, and the part drawn and dimensioned.


A completely accurate, machine specific NC program was written to create the part shown. 

The program match the client’s preferences in terms of tool selection, punch order, optimization, special machine codes, such as Auto-Index, etc.


While not part of the project highlighted here, rendered images may be automatically generated as well.

 Benefit = greatly reduced engineering time and errors, and input did not require highly skilled personnel.

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