Here’s the truth

Hollow Metal is a deceptively complex industry that has been underestimated by every team attempting its automation – until now.

Well, that’s not the entire truth. The fact is we also underestimated what it would take to fully automate the information flow for hollow metal products. But we were stubborn and stuck with it (for years).  And we were relentless in refining our approach as necessary. And we had the necessary team of people with the right skills and experience. And we developed truly unique and remarkable technologies and techniques.

And we have done it. And it is ready. And it works.

It is a system that automates all of the documentation, analytical and programming processes requiring for manufacturing and distributing hollow metal architectural products.

It configures, estimates, engineers, programs numerically controlled machines, prepares drawings, documents and models, and interfaces with all other relevant software.

And we have learned how to deliver this wonderful system to minimize disruption and maximize its acceptance and success.

All elevations, all profiles, all hardware, all components, all details.

We would like to send you literature about our system, and arrange an on-line presentation for you.  Please fill out the visitor log.


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