Ordermation, focusing on products and services supporting the automation of orders for mass customized products, is a branch of Digital Resources, Inc..

Digital Resources, Inc. was incorporated on April 1, 1980, but its software development had actually begun in the mid 1970s.  The software we are deploying today has been under continuous development for around thirty years.

The software started in a precision sheet metal job shop.  Originally its focus was on describing fabricated parts in a computerized format and generating programs to produce these parts on numerically controlled equipment.

The success of these early systems resulted in relationships with equipment manufactures and their customers in many different industries.  Supporting these varied businesses, with their wide range or products, methods, standards, machines and terminologies, helped establish a rigorous software foundation and richly experienced staff.

Gradually we extended the application of our system up from the manufacturing floor to support all the product expertise driven processes in the company. What makes this possible is a method of digitally representing a company’s products and methods in complete detail.  It was starting at the manufacturing end that resulted in an infrastructure capable of such complexity – you have to know everything about a product to successfully manufacture it.

We have learned important lessons in our decades of operation, both from our own projects and from the efforts and (many) failures of others we observed. The wisdom borne of this vast experience, together with truly remarkable software, result in our success in projects that have stymied much larger companies.

Information systems and technologies are becoming ever more critical components of modern business.  It stands to reason that the more information intensive and complex an industry is, the more it can benefit from successful automation.  (Of course, it also stands to reason that the more information intensive and complex an industry is, the harder it is to successfully model and automate. This is where our 30 years of focus on this problem make the difference).

Information automation provides a range of important direct and indirect benefits. It speeds operations such as technical data entry, estimating and engineering, eliminates some operations such as numerical control programming completely, and increases the amount of work that can be processed by a given staff while requiring less skill.  It allows a company to respond to customers faster while making fewer errors. It increases the range of products that can be quickly made using standard processes. It improves the utilization of management, clerical, engineering and manufacturing resources.

It also allows a company to recapture ownership of vital, proprietary information that is often distributed among many key employees.  It makes possible the consistent processing of all work.  It supports a rational approach to the analysis and improvement of product design, pricing and manufacturing methods. It reduces the amount of detailed industry specific knowledge required to manage a niche company and therefore can make such a company more marketable.

It is easy to make claims for software systems.  It takes time to work your way through the details to verify that a company is delivering on those claims. We deliver, big time, and we appreciate your interest, and your willingness to explore the revolutionary capabilities that the Ordermation package can provide to your company.


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